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Options Definitely is a WordPress framework plugin which makes adding options to the WordPress admin area very simple, yet flexible. This documentation will show you how to use it.

Options Definitely belongs to the group of Definitely plugins which allow developers to build their admin interfaces more quickly. Like the others of those plugins, it is based on a bundled library called WPDLib. While the documentation for Options Definitely will show you how you can use it as a developer, it is strongly recommended to read (or just skim) the WPDLib wiki to better understand how the plugin works.

But now, let's get started with the documentation!

Note: This Wiki is still at an early stage. If there's something you would like to have in the plugin, you would like to know more about or you don't understand yet, please post it in the support forum on or shoot me an email. I'm planning to address more specific use-cases here in the future.

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