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The following is a list of some of the important features of Options Definitely

  • create settings pages with tabs, sections and fields in just a few minutes - the WordPress way!
  • sections can be displayed as metaboxes which are draggable and toggable
  • settings are automatically validated, depending on their field type
  • pages can be added to a new custom menu or to any existing WordPress menu
  • add help tabs (and a help sidebar) to the top of your settings pages if needed
  • helper functions to make accessing the settings even easier
  • useful hooks and filters, for example to add content to any specific component or to perform a certain action whenever a specific setting is updated
  • because of the structured format of all the components, it's easy to programmatically access the data and do something cool with it
  • a uniform way to set up all the components, the same procedure among all Definitely plugins
  • the field types available are used exactly like that in all Definitely plugins
  • you only need to use a single action and hook your function into it - no need to use all the different WordPress functions to realize it manually - the plugin does it for you
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