Proof-of-Concept plugin for actual network-wide user roles in WordPress.
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WP Network Roles

Proof-of-Concept for implementing a real network-wide role system in WordPress Core.

What it does

  • introduces classes WP_Network_Role and WP_Network_Roles for managing network-wide roles
  • enhances the WP_User class (by providing a WP_User_With_Network_Roles class which would become part of WP_User if the functionality was in Core)
  • uses user meta to store network-wide roles and capabilities (in a similar fashion like it stores site roles and capabilities)
  • allows to query users for specific network roles or whether they are part of a network
  • adjusts the network users list table to contain role filters and a column
  • introduces one initial network role "administrator"
  • automatically migrates the "super admins" stored in the network option into the user meta-based system
  • supports the WP Multi Network plugin when switching networks

How to install

The plugin can either be installed as a network-wide regular plugin or alternatively as a must-use plugin.

Some background information

The long-term plan is to only use the currently existing super-admin functionality for special access to everything (by providing the super admins with the $super_admins global). For network administrators (and possibly global administrators) dedicated role systems, similar to how they exist for site administrators, should be implemented. This plugin is a first take on this.