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This is the API to build connectors for websms. Please see ome open source connector to get an idea how to use the API. A very good example fot the use of BasicConnector with a very straight forward API is cherry-sms. Check out the o2 connector to get an idea of a connector implementing the base class Connector and parsing a full website.

You will need this API to build websms or any connector.

How to build

There are two ways to build a connector with this websms-api.

Android-Studio / gradle / maven

Add the websms-api maven repository to your build.gradle and simply reference the remote dependency. There is no need to check out/ clone the api manually.

repositories {
    maven {
        url ''

dependencies {
    compile ''

You can see it in full details in the o2 connector's code base. In maven just in add the dependency like this.


Eclipse / ant

Please clone this git repo and check out the tag build-env-eclipse. You'll need to import this eclipse project and reference it as library project in your connector.

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