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A list of known connectors

Service Connector Operating since Cost Extras Stability sender country recipient country utf8 Google Play (c) Felix Bechstein for Kloppe Media 2009 20SMS/month free / 1€ balance for registration with WebSMS / from 1.99ct/SMS lots of different gateways, bulk SMS, send later top no restrictions known no restrictions known utf8 with restrictions
arcor Google Play (c) Felix Bechstein, Lado Kumsiashvili
Beetalk Google Play (c) J.P.
Betamax VoIP Reseller Google Play (c) Jon Agüera Google Play (c) Comtube Ltd.  ? 0.3 rub (~0.01USD within Russia), 0.99 - 3.10 rub (~0.04-0.11 USD worldwide) - top no restrictions known no restrictions known utf8
discotel Google Play (c) Felix Bechstein
extetel Google Play (c) Nathaniel Baxter
fishtext Google Play (c) Felix Bechstein, Fintan Fairmichael
GMX Google Play (c) Felix Bechstein ? 10sms free per month; 50sms for 2.50€/month Send Later, Custom Sender medium germany(?) no restrictions known no utf8
innosend Google Play (c) Felix Bechstein Google Play (c) Lado Kumsiashvili
MeinBMW Google Play (c) Silas Graffy, Felix Bechstein
Mobilant Google Play (c) Stefan Weber
My-Cool-SMS Google Play (c) Lado Kumsiashvili Google Play (c) Lado Kumsiashvili
pbxnetwork Google Play (c) Lorenz Bauer, Felix Bechstein
Schoolnet Google Play (c) Koni earn points on the website and have almost unlimited sms for students only medium no restrictions known Switzerland utf8
sipgate Google Play (c) Felix Bechstein, Mirko Weber ? 7,9ct/SMS
sloono Google Play (c) Felix Bechstein Google Play (c) Lado Kumsiashvili
sms77 Google Play (c) Felix Bechstein
SMSJoker Google Play (c) J.P. Google Play (c) Felix Bechstein
Sunrise Google Play (c) Koni 50sms free per month; possible to buy more up to 480 characters (consumes 3sms) top no restrictions known no restrictions known utf8 Google Play (c) Felix Bechstein
Yallo Google Play (c) Koni 30sms free per month; 50sms for CHF 4.- max. 130 characters per sms top no restrictions known no restrictions known no utf8 Google Play see website no restrictions no restrictions no utf8