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HTML5/Websockets/Eventmachine Bomberman (MIT License)

This is an Bomberman clone consisting of a server written with EventMachine and em-websockets and a client written in CoffeeScript and utilizing the Crafty game engine for drawing and controls.

It was initially developed in two days at the ADVANCE HACKATHON 2012 and is still an early beta state. Expect the current master to be unstable until we move to a more mature stage.

We'll continue maturing the code and adding more fun features and hopefully some specs soon.

To get it working (you need to be running ruby 1.9.2 or later):

  • Clone the project
  • Run bundle install
  • Start ./server.rb (will listen on port 3000 HTTP, 3001 Websockets)
  • Point your (modern) browser(s) at your-hostname:3000
  • Start playing

If you'd like to participate, drop a line to @felixbuenemann on twitter.