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A simple ROS wrapper for using Pocketsphinx (via gstreamer) with ROS. See docs here

If installing from source you will need to install the following:

sudo apt-get install gstreamer0.10-pocketsphinx pocketsphinx-lm-en-hub4 pocketsphinx-utils pocketsphinx-hmm-en-hub4wsj ros-indigo-audio-common

Subscribing to ROS audio messages:

To subscribe to ROS audio messages, pass the audio_msg_topic parameter to the node (normally, this is /audio). The recognizer will subscribe to this topic and use the AudioData messages as input to pocketsphinx.

Requires the audio_common package.

Creating a new language model:

Creating a new language is straightforward once you have a corpus of possible sentences your system should handle. To generate the language model and dictionary:

  1. Create <filename>.corpus with one sentence per line.
  2. Upload the corpus file here:
  3. Download the .dic and .lm file, and rename them appropriately (<filename>.dic).
  4. Change the lm and dict parameters for the recognizer, for example in the launch file.


ROS bindings to pocketsphinx, using gstreamer



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