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Max Nowack maxnowack

@TeamGrid Göttingen, Germany

Martin Aksel Jensen cptactionhank
Docker, Cloud, Microservices, Automation, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Having fun

Aarhus, Denmark

Steffen Bleul blacklabelops

Blacklabelops: Always reaching out in DevOps Munich

Theo Tzaferis tzfrs

@Mapudo GmbH Duesseldorf

Michael Haller mrh-line

MRH applications GmbH Berlin

Jonas Friedmann frdmn
System administrator, OS X user, Linux enthusiast, allergic to animals with hair/fur, B6E314FBD713FC95 (GPG)

iWelt AG & @RocketChat Würzburg, Germany

Sven Neuhaus neuhaus
software developer

Dortmund, Germany

Anthony Cameron qq99

Shopify Ontario, Canada

Mary Rose Cook maryrosecook
I write JavaScript and Clojure. I've written an implementation of Git in JavaScript, two programming environments for beginners and several games.

@makersacademy London, UK

Linus Torvalds torvalds

Linux Foundation Portland, OR

Marie Schweiz MarieSchweiz
Freelance UI and UX Designer based in Berlin and Munich.

Freelance iOS & Android Designer Berlin, Germany

Kristina Schneider Kriesse
Design & CSS. Contributing to @datproject, organizing @cssconf, @upfrontug, @CSSclasses.

Berlin / San Francisco

Titus wooorm

Uni. of Appl. Sciences Amsterdam (@cmda) Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Sindre Sorhus sindresorhus
Maker · Full-Time Open-Sourcerer · Into Swift and Node.js

@avajs @xojs @chalk ° ☾ ☆ ¸. ¸ ★ :.  . • ○ ° ★

Zach Carter zaach

Venn Santa Monica, CA

Eric Newport kethinov
I write software, sci-fi reviews, and sometimes some other stuff too.

CACI Thumb of the Finger Lakes

James Halliday substack puna district hawaii

Zeno Rocha zenorocha
born to create and share.

Liferay, Inc. California

Nicholas Penree drudge
I write JavaScript for all the things.

@twec NY USA

Jakob Borg calmh
Hacker on various side projects, founder and maintainer of @syncthing and @kastelo.

Kastelo Inc. Sweden

Friedrich Lindenberg pudo

@OCCRP Sarajevo / Berlin

Arne Gabriel arnegabriel

anythingabout GmbH Hamburg

Sven Kräuter 5v3n

making things happen. Hamburg, Germany

Richard Radermacher radermacher
Independent web developer w/ diploma in design and passion for analysis and workflows #webdev #design #php #javascript #laravel #analytics

@tatundkraft Berlin, Germany

Mikko Ohtamaa miohtama Helsinki

grischaandreew grischaandreew

Andreew GmbH Berlin, Leipzig

Nathan n8kowald

Adelaide, Australia

Frank Bültge bueltge
I work at @inpsyde GmbH and Zeiss AG. I help companies in making and developing business solutions for various software challenges, especially SAP and WordPress, Inpsyde GmbH, Carl Zeiss AG Jena, Germany

Ben Word retlehs

@roots Colorado Springs, CO

Alexander Lang langalex

Upstream - Agile GmbH Berlin, Germany