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A macOS application to manage and keep track of your personal contracts.
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Disclaimer: This application is still in development. It is a learning project of an aspiring macOS/iOS developer. As long as there is no binary release, assume that the application will break and that announced features are still missing.


This repository contains a macOS application that is aimed to help you manage your ongoing contracts. It provides an user interface to add new contracts and notify you, when a contract is due to renew or expire or needs your attention.

Kontrakte helps you to keep track of these pesky contracts that use a low price to try to reel you in in the beginning, but then get really expensive if you forget to cancel them (telecom, electricity, gym contracts, etc).

In comparison to other applications or web services, this does not share your data with anybody and doesn't try to convince you to buy a certain contract. Instead its only goal is to offer you a place to store all your contract information for yourself and remind you at the appropriate time to review them. Offering these perks with a nice and useful user interface.


If you like to contribute, please contact me. At the moment I assume that this project is mine and mine alone. That's why I haven't even thought about any guidelines.

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