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+# Buster.JS Documentation #
+This is the app that runs
+## Working with the docs ##
+To work with the documentation, simply clone the repo, link with NPM and run the server:
+ git clone
+ cd buster-docs
+ npm link
+ node bin/server
+We deploy a static copy of the site. You can sanity check the static copy if you have `wget` installed (make sure the server is already running on the default port 8090):
+ bin/build
+There's also a binary to publish documentation using `rsync` but you need your keys on the server to do that.
+## Contributing documentation ##
+Please feel free to add documentation, fix spelling errors or whatever. To contribute back, do a pull request, or simply send us a patch on (doesn't require a separate 'clone' on GitHub/'fork' on Gitorious). We're happy to accept your changes in medium, as long as it's git commits.

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