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Christian Johansen authored
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  1. +1 −1  docs/beta.html.erb → site/docs/beta.html
2  docs/beta.html.erb → site/docs/beta.html
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
<p>The beta is upon us!</p>
-<p>See <a href="<%= doc_url "getting-started" %>">getting started</a> and <a href="<%= doc_url "overview" %>">the overview</a> for usage, installation, features, etc.</p>
+<p>See <a href="/docs/getting-started">getting started</a> and <a href="/docs/overview">the overview</a> for usage, installation, features, etc.</p>
<p>So far we have QUnit style static html page testing, JsTestDriver style browser automation, and node testing. We have stubbing and mocking, setUp and tearDown, asynchronous tests, hybrid browser/Node tests, and much more.</p>
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