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SHELL := /bin/bash
tsv_files = $(addprefix results/,$(addsuffix .tsv,$(benchmarks)))
png_files = $(subst pdf,png,$(wildcard pdfs/*.pdf))
all: fixtures results pdfs pngs
./benchmark/run.js "`basename $@ .tsv`" | tee $@
results: $(tsv_files)
pdfs: $(tsv_files)
pngs: $(png_files)
$(png_files): pngs/%.png: pdfs/%.pdf
convert -density 300 $^ -resize 1024x $@
rm -f results/*.tsv pngs/*.png pdfs/*.pdf
fixtures: $(fixtures)
curl -z '$@' -o '$@' "`basename $@`"
.PHONY: all fixtures pdfs pngs results clean
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