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Helps you focus by hiding all your windows except the ones you are currently working in.
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A tiny Think clone that actually works with a dual (or single) screen setup.


  1. Download here
  2. Install by unzipping an moving the contained file to /Applications

What does it do?

It basically does the same thing the original Think app does. By default it hides all windows, except a single one that you are focusing on. It provides the same shortcuts as Think to re-focus on the current window or designate a new window to be the focused one.

How to use it?

  1. Start, it will cover all you screens with a black backdrop
  2. Bring up an app using Alt + Tab or selecting it from your dock
  3. Focus on the currently active app using Option + Command + Tab
  4. Go back to the black backdrop using Option + Command + Return
  5. Re-focus on the app you last focused on using Control + Command + Return

Clicking on the backdrop performs the same re-focusing as Control + Command + Return.


  • Some code was taken from Shortcut Recorder (BSD License) to enable the global shortcuts


The is licensed under the MIT license. The dependencies have their own licenses.

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