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Utilities for using bash from node.js.



Escapes the given parameter for bash. This is done by escaping all non alpha-numeric / dash characters with a backslash.


> bash.escape('hello world');
'Hello\\ World'

bash.args(options, prefix, suffix)

Takes a list of options and turns them into an arguments string common to most *nix programs.

Objects are turned into arguments:

> bash.args({a: 1, b: 2}, '--', '=');
'--a=1 --b=2'

Values are escaped:

> bash.args({foo: 'hi you'}, '--', '=');
'--foo=hi\\ you'

Array values turn into multiple arguments:

> bash.args({a: [1, 2]}, '--', '=');
'--a=1 --a=2'

null / true values turn into flags:

> bash.args({a: true, b: null}, '--', '=');
'--a --b'

Alternate suffix / prefix settings:

> bash.args({a: 1, b: 2}, '-', ' ');
'-a 1 -b 2'

options can be an array as well:

> bash.args([{a: 1}, {a: 2, b: 3}] '-', ' ');
'-a 1 -a 2 -b 3'


This library is released under the MIT license.

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