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Not available on NPM! #23

tuxychandru opened this Issue November 04, 2010 · 4 comments

4 participants

Chandra Sekar S Matthew Mirande Andrei Schapov Felix Geisendörfer
Chandra Sekar S

I remember installing node-couchdb from NPM. However, it looks like someone else has become the maintainer of 'couchdb' module in NPM registry and that module doesn't even work.

Are you not maintaining the module in NPM anymore?

Matthew Mirande

this one got me... I didn't realize I had the wrong thing.

my workaround: DL the tarball and use NPM's install from tarball option.

Chandra Sekar S

That does work. But being installable directly from NPM is definitely nicer.

Andrei Schapov

Yeah that's very confusing situation we've got here...

Felix Geisendörfer

Sorry to let you guys know, but I have decided to no longer maintain this module. The main reason is that I currently don't have any active project involving couchdb whatsoever, so maintaining this module has become an unmanageable burden. That being said, if somebody is interested in becoming the maintainer, let me know.

This issue was closed.
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