Basic Example from Readme throwing errors from promise lib #35

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rinzler:node sebs$ node test.js

throw error;
[object Object]
rinzler:node sebs$

I am using the latest couchbase the latest module from npm. I have several issues with that.

  1. There seems to be a mistake in error handling inside the NPM module: As a couchbase user I am not willing to debug errors in promises. I am not even capable of it.

  2. This is a basic example, and IF couchbase single IS a valid db for this module, I expect as a minimum the example from the readme to work.

my script

sys = require('util'),
couchdb = require('couchdb'),
client = couchdb.createClient(5984, 'localhost'),
db = client.db('releases');

.saveDoc('my-doc', {awesome: 'couch fun'}, function(er, ok) {
if (er) throw new Error(JSON.stringify(er));
sys.puts('Saved my first doc to the couch!');

releases DB exist, db is writable from futon without permission stuff

my tree of ods i use
├─┬ couchdb@0.3.8
│ ├─┬ promised-io@0.2.3
│ │ └── patr@0.2.5
│ └── request@2.2.9
├─┬ jsdom@0.2.10
│ ├── contextify@0.0.7
│ ├── cssom@0.2.1
│ ├── htmlparser@1.7.3
│ └── request@2.9.3
├── step@0.0.5
└─┬ xml2json@0.2.4
└── node-expat@1.4.1


I did not see that the module is not maintained.Sorry for that one.

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