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In couchdb there is the possibility to add update functions to the design documents. It works similar to views. This was not implemented in node-couchdb. I added a function to couchdb which can be used to use this kind if design documents. I also updated the readme.

Erik Tiemens


felixge commented Sep 21, 2010

Any chance you could clean those commits up so the XML files aren't added and removed? Otherwise it looks good to me and I'll apply it.

In updating github, I srewed up my fork, so i deleted the old one and created a new one, with the changes and without the xml.


felixge commented Sep 28, 2010

What's up with the list function being removed in that new commit above?

The fork I made was before the list function was merged to the branch. So this function is not in my branch. When you merge my changes to the master, the list won't dissapear but still be there.


felixge commented Oct 6, 2010

I just tried, and the list function is disappearing for me. Can you rebase your branch on top of my master and see if you get the same problem / fix it?

hmm, strange, I wil rebase the branche and fix it.


felixge commented Nov 12, 2010

Sorry to let you know, but I have decided to no longer maintain this module. The main reason is that I currently don't have any active project involving couchdb whatsoever, so maintaining this module has become an unmanageable burden. That being said, if somebody is interested in becoming the maintainer, let me know.

This issue was closed.

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