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Updated documentation to expose the 'secure' parameter of createClient #47

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Glynn Bird Alexey
Glynn Bird

I noticed that the createClient supports a 'secure' parameter but this wasn't in the markdown in the front page. Thought it'd submit back to the repo for the greater good!

Alexey norlin merged commit 6c9292e into from

Thank you!

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Commits on Sep 21, 2012
  1. Glynn Bird


    glynnbird authored
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@@ -97,7 +97,7 @@ Takes the path of a `file` and callback receives a JS object suitable for inline
Check `lib/dep/mime.js` for a list of recognized file types.
-### couchdb.createClient([port, host, user, pass, maxListeners])
+### couchdb.createClient([port, host, user, pass, maxListeners, secure])
Creates a new `couchdb.Client` for a given `port` (default: `5984`) and `host` (default: `'localhost'`). This client will queue all requests that are send through it, so ordering of requests is always guaranteed. Use multiple clients for parallel operations.
@@ -106,6 +106,10 @@ If the optional `user` and `pass` arguments are supplied, all requests will be m
If the optional `maxListeners` is supplied - module uses emitter.setMaxListeners method. It may be usefull if you use many couchdb requests and don't want to see warnings.
Default Node.js value for this == 11 listeners; if `maxListeners` == 0 then warnings are off.
+If the optional `secure` is supplied as true, then the https transport is used. Note that https is usually serviced on port 443. This is useful when using cloud-based CouchDB services such as Cloudant where their API is hosted on a https platform e.g.
+ client = couchdb.createClient(443, '','username','password',0,true),
The host this client is connecting to. READ-ONLY property
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