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Simplified cross compiling for node.js using vagrant.
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This project aims to simplify the process of cross-compiling node.js on smartphone and robotics platforms.

My main target platform is the Parrot AR Drone 2.0, but I will merge pull requests for any other platforms as well.


You will need to install vagrant as the cross compiling is done inside of a virtual machine.

Cross compiling

Cross compiling node.js for the ardrone2 is as easy as running:

$ git clone git://
$ cd node-cross-compiler
$ vagrant up
$ vagrant ssh
$ cd cross-compiler
$ ./
$ make ardrone2

This will fire up a new vagrant machine, ssh into it, and build node.js to run on the ardrone2. You will find the resulting binary in build/bin/node.



Helpers have been added for installing node on the ardrone. Simply running ./helpers/ will build and install node on your drone.


If you want to contribute support for another platform, we probably need a file for shared environment variables. Other than that it should be as simple as adding it to the platforms folder and Makefile.

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