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Changelog for 1.0.12
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## Changelog
+### v1.0.12
+* Emit error on aborted connections (Eugene Girshov)
+* Add support for empty requests (Eugene Girshov)
+* Fix name/filename handling in Content-Disposition (jesperp)
+* Tolerate malformed closing boundary in multipart (Eugene Girshov)
+* Ignore preamble in multipart messages (Eugene Girshov)
+* Add support for application/json (Mike Frey, Carlos Rodriguez)
+* Add support for Base64 encoding (Elmer Bulthuis)
+* Add File#toJSON (TJ Holowaychuk)
+* Remove support for Node.js 0.4 & 0.6 (Andrew Kelley)
+* Documentation improvements (Sven Lito, Andre Azevedo)
+* Add support for application/octet-stream (Ion Lupascu, Chris Scribner)
+* Use os.tmpDir() to get tmp directory (Andrew Kelley)
+* Improve package.json (Andrew Kelley, Sven Lito)
+* Fix benchmark script (Andrew Kelley)
+* Fix scope issue in incoming_forms (Sven Lito)
+* Fix file handle leak on error (OrangeDog)
+### v1.0.11
+* Calculate checksums for incoming files (sreuter)
+* Add definition parameters to "IncomingForm" as an argument (Math-)
+### v1.0.10
+* Make parts to be proper Streams (Matt Robenolt)
### v1.0.9
* Emit progress when content length header parsed (Tim Koschützki)
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