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Unexpected events order for multi-files forms #261

timotheeg opened this Issue · 3 comments

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If a form has 2 sequential files, file1 and file2, I expect the "fileBegin" and "file" events to be fired in the order below (because it matches the payload content):

  1. fileBegin file1
  2. file file1
  3. fileBegin file2
  4. file file2

Instead, the events are fired in this order:

  1. fileBegin file1
  2. fileBegin file2
  3. file file1
  4. file file2

This is problematic because if I decide that file2 must be rejected (e.g. forbidden mime type), the connection destroyed, and all listeners removed from my form for cleanup, then it means I do not receive the "file" event for file1.

I do not have a fix yet, but I have made a test to demonstrate the issue in a commit in my fork:



@felixge felixge closed this
@felixge felixge reopened this

The joys of async! This is the expect behavior at this point, but arguably not the most convenient. Feel free to propose a patch, but IMO you can use async control flow techniques to deal with it inside your app.

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