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formidable fails to parse requests using mikeals' module #46

aflatter opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Alexander Flatter Felix Geisendörfer Andrew Kelley
Alexander Flatter

Hey there,

I put together a little example that fails with Error: parser error, 2 of 135 bytes parsed at IncomingForm.write but I don't see why. I thought it had to do with the unprefixed boundary value that the request module uses but that does not seem to be the case.

The following command lets me record the request which looks okay:
sudo tcpflow -i lo -c '(dst or src host and (src or dst port 1234)'

The example is at .

Felix Geisendörfer

Not sure. It's probably my parser being a little too strict, or Mikeal's request not being compliant.

Andrew Kelley andrewrk referenced this issue from a commit
Andrew Kelley andrewrk add test to cover #46 d04ab43
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