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Update incoming_form.js #269

wants to merge 1 commit into from

4 participants

Titus Tienaah Felix Geisendörfer shaoman swayok
Titus Tienaah

fixing, fs: missing callback Error: ENOENT, unlink

Titus Tienaah intdxdt Update incoming_form.js
fixing, fs: missing callback Error: ENOENT, unlink
Felix Geisendörfer

Can you provide a test case for this?


Can you help me?
when I use the form.parse always occur “[Error : Request aborted ]” ? Can you tell me why?
will my code just from here


also when I debug into the parse method , I want to watch "this" is what And
happened this :

There was an internal error in Node's debugger. Please report this bug.
Cannot convert object to primitive value
TypeError: Cannot convert object to primitive value
at _debugger.js:1318:43
at Array.forEach (native)
at wait (_debugger.js:1317:22)
at _debugger.js:1309:7
at _debugger.js:1005:7
at _debugger.js:404:5
at Client._onResponse (_debugger.js:260:5)
at Protocol.execute (_debugger.js:134:14)
at Client. (_debugger.js:175:14)
at Client.EventEmitter.emit (events.js:95:17)

Titus Tienaah

form.parse works as expected, i am not sure how you arrived at the bug.
i tried the example from your link :
here is the source :
works as expected.


Getting fs: missing callback Error: ENOENT, unlink /path/to/uploaded/file
Can't really find out why this is happening. At least this fix seems to be fixing crash.

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Commits on Jan 7, 2014
  1. Titus Tienaah

    Update incoming_form.js

    intdxdt authored
    fixing, fs: missing callback Error: ENOENT, unlink
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Showing with 13 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +13 −1 lib/incoming_form.js
14 lib/incoming_form.js
@@ -279,7 +279,19 @@ IncomingForm.prototype._error = function(err) {
if (Array.isArray(this.openedFiles)) {
this.openedFiles.forEach(function(file) {
- setTimeout(fs.unlink, 0, file.path);
+ //setTimeout(fs.unlink, 0, file.path); //BUG
+ var unlink_cb = function () {
+ fs.unlink(file.path, function (ex) {
+ if (ex) {
+ console.log('incomplete file unlink error : modified formidable : titus');
+ }
+ })
+ };
+ fs.exists(file.path, function (exists) {
+ if (exists) {//attemp unlink on incomplete files
+ unlink_cb();
+ }
+ });
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