Let's sanitize windows path too, now we can run paperboy on MinGW-compile #13

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Let's sanitize windows path too, now we can run paperboy on MinGW-compiled NodeJS.


felixge commented May 9, 2011

I was under the impression that windows can use forward slashes. Is that not correct?

I tested on node 0.4.7 only path.join can support '/' .


felixge commented May 9, 2011

What I'm saying is that windows can take a '/' instead of a '' for all it's system calls. Is that not the case?


felixge commented May 9, 2011

Oh wait, I guess you are using a '' in your webroot? Maybe a better check is to look for either '' or '/' in that if statement since windows allows for both.

if (webroot[webroot.length - 1] !== '/') webroot += '/';

Webroot on windows is something like C:\\some\\path , after this line it will be C:\\some\\path/ , then it will fail on the next line testing:

if (fp.substr(0, webroot.length) != webroot)

felixge closed this May 12, 2011


felixge commented May 12, 2011

Ok, makes sense.

Merged it - if anybody has an issue with it they can always send me another pull request : ).

UnderCooled reopened this May 12, 2011

perhaps my case, looks pull #19


fprijate commented Sep 4, 2011

Here is solution (working also on win32):

exports.filepath = function (webroot, url) {
  var pathSep=process.platform ==='win32' ? '\\' : '/';
  // Unescape URL to prevent security holes
  url = decodeURIComponent(url);
  // Append index.html if path ends with '/'
  fp = path.normalize(path.join(webroot, (url.match(/\/$/)=='/')  ? url+'index.html' : url));
  // Sanitize input, make sure people can't use .. to get above webroot
  if (webroot[webroot.length - 1] !== pathSep) webroot += pathSep;
  if (fp.substr(0, webroot.length) != webroot)
     return(['Permission Denied', null]);
     return([null, fp.replace('/',pathSep)]);

fprijate commented Sep 5, 2011


Today (5.9.2011 ) node-inspector works also on Windows XP (node v0.5.6-pre MSVC build).
It works only with change to filepath function.


felixge commented Sep 8, 2011

@fprijate Can you submit this as a proper patch / pull request?

GottZ commented Oct 20, 2011

with the fix from fprijate it runs fine for me in windows with 0.5.9


mcandre commented May 2, 2013

This seems to have been taken care of in 9355291#lib/paperboy.js and a18d4bc#lib/paperboy.js.

mcandre closed this May 2, 2013


felixge commented May 2, 2013

@mcandre thx for going through all these issues! 💖

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