v0.1.102: 2010.07.25, Version 0.1.102

@ry ry tagged this Jul 26, 2010 · 3425 commits to master since this tag

* base64 encoding for Buffers.

* Buffer support for Cipher, Decipher, Hmac, Sign and Verify
  (Andrew Naylor)

* Support for reading byte ranges from files using fs.createReadStream.
  (Chandra Sekar)

* Fix Buffer.toString() on 0-length slices. (Peter Griess)

* Cache modules based on filename rather than ID (Isaac Schlueter)

* querystring improvments (Jan Kassens, Micheil Smith)

* Support DEL in the REPL. (Jérémy Lal)

* Upgrade http-parser, upgrade V8 to 2.3.2