v0.1.30: 2010.02.22, Version 0.1.30

@ry ry tagged this Feb 22, 2010 · 4297 commits to master since this tag

  * Major API Changes

    - Promises removed. See
      The API for fs was

         fs.readdir("/usr").addCallback(function (files) {
           puts("/usr files: " + files);

      It is now

         fs.readdir("/usr", function (err, files) {
           if (err) throw err;
           puts("/usr files: " + files);

    - Synchronous fs operations exposed, use with care.

    - tcp.Connection.prototype.readPause() and readResume()
      renamed to pause() and resume()

    - http.ServerResponse.prototype.sendHeader() renamed to
      writeHeader(). Now accepts reasonPhrase.

  * Compact garbage on idle.

  * Configurable debug ports, and --debug-brk (Zoran Tomicic)

  * Better command line option parsing (Jeremy Ashkenas)

  * Add fs.chmod (Micheil Smith), fs.lstat (Isaac Z. Schlueter)

  * Fixes to process.mixin (Rasmus Andersson, Benjamin Thomas)

  * Upgrade V8 to 2.1.1