v0.3.2: 2010.12.16, Version 0.3.2 (unstable)

@ry ry tagged this Dec 17, 2010 · 2645 commits to master since this tag

* Rip out the old (broken) TLS implementation introduce new tested
  implementation and API. See docs. HTTPS not supported in this release.

* Introduce 'os' and 'tty' modules.

* Callback parameters for socket.write() and socket.connect().

* Support CNAME lookups in DNS module. (Ben Noordhuis)

* cmake support (Tom Hughes)

* 'make lint'

* oprofile support (./configure --oprofile)

* Lots of bug fixes, including:
  - Memory leak in ChildProcess:Spawn(). (Tom Hughes)
  - buffer.slice(0, 0)
  - Global variable leaks
  - clearTimeouts calling multiple times (Michael W)
  - utils.inspect's detection of circular structures (Tim Cooijmans)
  - Apple's threaded write()s bug (Jorge Chamorro Bieling)
  - Make sure raw mode is disabled when exiting a terminal-based REPL.
    (Brian White)

* Deprecate process.compile, process.ENV

* Upgrade V8 to 3.0.3, upgrade http-parser.