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Thank you for your interest in VoltDB!
This program is free software distributed under the terms of the
GNU General Public License Version 3. See the accompanying LICENSE
file for details on your rights and responsibilities with regards to
the use and redistribution of VoltDB software.
What is VoltDB?
VoltDB is a horizontally-scalable, in-memory SQL RDBMS designed for
applications that have extremely high read and write throughput
Getting Started
If you have installed VoltDB from the distribution kit, you now have
a directory containing this README file and several subdirectories,
bin - Scripts for starting VoltDB, the export client, catalog
compiler, and SQL command tool
doc - Using VoltDB guide, Management guide, tutorials, java-doc
examples - sample programs demonstrating the use of VoltDB
lib - Third party libraries
tools - SQLCmd tool, Web dashboard, project generator, XML schemas
voltdb - the VoltDB software itself
The easiest way to get started using VoltDB is to try building and
running one or more of the sample programs. Read examples/README for
instructions. There is also a more complete tutorial describing the
Hello World program in _Getting Started with VoltDB_ which is
available online:
Additional documentation on using VoltDB to build high performance
applications is available from the VoltDB community site:
If you have any questions or comments about VoltDB, we encourage you
to post and discuss your feedback in the forums available online at: