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% Examples Guide

Example Projects
The following projects are included in the examples directory:

  This example shows memcache-like cache implemented using VoltDB.

  This directory contains the sources for the "Key-Value" implementation
  in VoltDB.

  This example is a simulation of a telephone based voting process
  where callers are allowed a limited number of votes.

Each example includes a DDL file and a project.xml that lists the DDL
file and the stored procedures names, as well as a makefile
to simplify the build process.

Examining the run.sh will show the available targets for each example.
The targets "client" and "server" let you run a client and server for each example.

To run an example project, 'cd' to that example's directory and:
- In a terminal window, run "./run.sh" (no target) to compile the Java and start the VoltDB server
- In a separate terminal window, run "./run.sh client", where you will see the results
- When complete, hit Ctrl C in the server terminal window to stop the VoltDB database

See the README file in each example directory for more details.