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% VoltDB

Thank you for your interest in VoltDB! The VoltDB project is managed at

What is VoltDB?
VoltDB is an in-memory online transaction processing (OLTP) database
designed from the ground up to be the fastest most scalable OLTP
system in the world. VoltDB is distributed in a Community Edition
(GPL3 license) and in an Enterprise Edition (commercial license).
For difference between the two editions, see

What VoltDB is not
VoltDB is not a general purpose database like MySQL or PostgreSQL, for

Binary Distributions
Binary distributions of VoltDB Community Edition are available from the
VoltDB community site at

Getting Started Building VoltDB from Source
'ant check'      Compile VoltDB and run all tests.

'ant doc'        Generate Javadoc in doc/java-api:

'ant dist'       Create a .tar.gz distribution with example apps
                 in obj/release/voltdb-version.tar.gz.

There are several example projects which can be compiled and run.  See for details.

Documentation on using VoltDB to build OLTP applications is available from
the VoltDB community site at

For help using or building VoltDB, see the VoltDB forums at

This content is available at
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