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Pistachiargo is a model framework using Argo. It's based on Pistachio.



Carthage is a simple, decentralized dependency manager for Cocoa.

  1. Add Pistachiargo to your Cartfile:
github "felixjendrusch/Pistachiargo" ~> 0.2
  1. Run carthage update to fetch and build Pistachiargo and its dependencies.

  2. Make sure your application's target links against Pistachiargo.framework and copies all relevant frameworks into its application bundle (iOS); or embeds the binaries of all relevant frameworks (Mac).


Like Pistachio, Pistachiargo leverages lenses and value transformers to create type safe adapters. Let's start by defining a very simple model:

struct Origin {
  var city: String

  init(city: String = "") { = city
struct Person {
  var name: String
  var age: Int
  var origin: Origin?
  var children: [Person]?

  init(name: String = "", age: Int = 0, origin: Origin? = nil, children: [Person]? = nil) { = name
    self.age = age
    self.origin = origin
    self.children = children

A lens is basically just a combination of a getter and a setter, providing a view on your model:

struct OriginLenses {
  static let city = Lens(get: { $ }, set: { (inout origin: Origin, city) in = city
struct PersonLenses {
  static let name = Lens(get: { $ }, set: { (inout person: Person, name) in = name

  static let age = Lens(get: { $0.age }, set: { (inout person: Person, age) in
    person.age = age

  static let origin = Lens(get: { $0.origin }, set: { (inout person: Person, origin) in
    person.origin = origin

  static let children = Lens(get: { $0.children }, set: { (inout person: Person, children) in
    person.children = children

However, Pistachiargo ships with a lot of JSON value transformers, convenience functions and a JSON adapter:

struct JSONAdapters {
  static let origin = JSONAdapter(specification: [
    "city_name": JSONString(
  ], value: Origin())

  static let person = fix { adapter in
    return JSONAdapter(specification: [
      "name": JSONString(,
      "age": JSONNumber(PersonLenses.age),
      "origin": JSONObject(PersonLenses.origin)(adapter: origin),
      "children": JSONArray(PersonLenses.children)(adapter: adapter)
    ], value: Person())

JSON adapters handle transforming and reverse transforming your models:

let adapter = JSONAdapters.person

var person = Person(name: "Felix", origin: Origin(city: "Berlin"))
var data = adapter.transform(person)
// == .Success(Box(.JSONObject([
//   "name": .JSONString("Felix"),
//   "age": .JSONNumber(0),
//   "origin": .JSONObject([
//     "city_name": .JSONString("Berlin")
//   ]),
//   "children": .JSONNull
// ])))

// == .Success(Box(person))

Both transform and reverseTransform return a Result, which either holds the (reverse) transformed value or an error. This enables you to gracefully handle transformation errors.