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FHEM Modules to exted fhem functionality
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Base Repository for my private modules i did for my personal use.
Caution!! They may be dangerous and crash your fhem instance!

SolarEdge API

    SolarEdge API - Retrieves data from the SolarEdge Monitoring API
    With this module it is possible to read the data from a SolarEdge PV and to set it as reading.


      define <name> SolarEdgeAPI <API-Key> <SiteId>


        define myPVSite SolarEdgeAPI ABC123 123456

      This statement creates a Device with the name myPV using API-Key ABC123 for fetching data of Site-Id 123456
      After the device has been created, the current data of the site is automatically read from the API. The API-Key has to be enabled in the "Admin" Section of the Monitoring-Portal. There you can find your Site-ID, too. According to the docs there is a limit of 300 total requests per day.

    • actionQueue - information about the entries in the action queue
    • aggregates-* - cumulative data of the energyDetails response
    • status-* - readings of the currentPowerFlow response
    • aggregates - fetch data from energyDetails.json
    • status - fetch data currentPowerFlow.json
    • interval - interval in seconds for automatically fetch data (default auto = 300 (sec) daytime and 1200 (sec) nighttime)
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