A lightweight client for sending commands easily to a BattlEye server.
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Arma RCon Class (ARC) 2.2 for PHP

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ARC is a lightweight PHP class, that allows you connecting and sending commands easily to your BattlEye server, including Arma 3, Arma 2 and Arma 2: OA game servers.


ARC 2.2 only requires PHP 5.4 or higher!


Via Composer (recommended)

If you haven't already, download Composer.

$ curl -s http://getcomposer.org/installer | php

Now require and install ARC.

$ composer require nizarii/arma-rcon-class
$ composer install

Without Composer

Choose a release and include ARC in your project: require_once 'arc.php';.


Getting started

After installing ARC, you can easily use ARC as shown below. It will automatically establish a new connection and authenticate.

use \Nizarii\ARC;

$rcon = new ARC(string $ServerIP, string $RConPassword [, int $Port = 2302 [, array $Options = array()]]);

You are able to send commands with the command() function.


ARC will throw an Exception if anything goes wrong. You might want to wrap your code in a try catch block.

use \Nizarii\ARC;

try {
    $rcon = new ARC('', 'password');
    $array = $rcon->getPlayersArray();
        ->kickPlayer(1, 'example')
        ->sayPlayer(0, 'example')
    $rcon->getBans(); // Throws exception, because the connection was closed
} catch (Exception $e) {
    echo "Ups! Something went wrong: {$e->getMessage()}";

Please consider that ARC only checks whether the command has been successfully sent via the socket to the server. It does not check if the command has been executed by the server.


Options can be passed to ARC as an array via the fourth parameter of the constructor. The following options are currently available:

  • int timeoutSec = 1: Sets a timeout value on the connection.
  • bool autosavebans = false: Automatically saves bans.txt after a player is banned or unbanned.
  • bool debug = false : turns on debug mode, only works on "socketLoop()" and "socketLoopClose()"

Suggestions for new options are always welcome! 👍

Basic usage:

use \Nizarii\ARC;

$rcon = new ARC('', 'RConPassword', 2322, [
    'timeoutSec' => 2


ARC features many functions to send BattlEye commands easier. After creating a new connections as explained above, you are able to use any of these functions:

  • string command(string $command): Sends any command to the BattlEye server.
  • string getPlayers(): Returns a list with all players, which are currently on the server.
  • array getPlayersArray(): Same as "getPlayers()", but formats the list to an array.
  • string getMissions(): Gets a list of the available missions on the server.
  • string getBans(): Gets a list of all BE server bans.
  • array getBansArray(): Gets an array of all bans.
  • object kickPlayer(int $player [, string $reason = 'Admin Kick']): Kicks a player who is currently on the server.
  • object sayGlobal(string $message): Sends a global message to all players.
  • object sayPlayer(int $player, string $message): Sends a message to a specific player.
  • object loadScripts(): Loads the "scripts.txt" file without the need to restart the server.
  • object maxPing(int $ping): Changes the MaxPing value. If a player has a higher ping, he will be kicked from the server.
  • object changePassword(string $password): Changes RCon password.
  • object loadBans(): (Re)loads the BE ban list from "bans.txt".
  • object banPlayer(string $player [, string $reason = 'Banned' [, int $time = 0]]): Ban a player's BE GUID from the server (If the time is 0, the ban will be permanent).
  • object addBan(string $player [, string $reason = 'Banned' [, int $time = 0]]): Same as "banPlayer()", but allows to ban a player that is not currently on the server.
  • object removeBan(int $banid): Removes a ban.
  • object writeBans(): Removes expired bans from the bans file.
  • object getBEServerVersion(): Gets the current version of the BE server.
  • disconnect(): Closes the current connection.
  • object reconnect(): Closes the current connection & creates a new one.
  • resource getSocket(): Get the socket, which is used by ARC to send commands to the server.
  • boolean socketLoop(int $loop = -1): Get constant socket stream. $loop is the number of loops to be run until exiting the method. Note that the sequence will be reset. Set to infinite looping by default.
  • boolean socketLoopClose(int $loop = -1): Similar as "socketLoop()", but disconnects after looping. Set to infinite looping by default.
  • array readPackageRaw(string $msg): Make BettlEye format package readable for your program. Use $msg with unreadable header and unmodified string. Array will start as [0] => "FF" when having correct header. Array value [1] has important information what kind of care it needs for your connection. For more information, click here.

See here for more information about BattlEye commands


Thanks to all contributors for submitting issues and contributing code, including:

  • @nerdalertdk
  • @steffalon

New contributors are always welcome ❤️


ARC is licensed under the MIT License. View LICENSE file for more information.