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a basic Gopher client for mobile devices
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Pocket Gopher

The Gopher protocol was a precursor to the World Wide Web. Gopher appeared shortly before the Web and was quickly obsoleted by it. Nowadays it is kept alive by a handful of enthusiasts, for its very real qualities and of course some amount of nostalgia.

Pocket Gopher is a client for this protocol running on Java ME devices. I wrote it because it was ridiculously easy, and because there isn't any other that I could find, at least not as of 2010-07-11.


  • Supports directories, text files, searches, images and Web links (via the device Web browser).
  • Session history, basic back function and caching.
  • Paginated display for large directories and text files.
  • Navigate by URL or host/port/type/selector (thanks to Nuno J. Silva).
  • Works on any port, not just 70 (surprisingly enough, that's worth mentioning).
  • Forward compatible with Gopher+.

Known bugs

Sometimes directories have an extraneous blank page at the end.