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Demo Script



This is a small app build with Ember-Cli & Node, showcasing how to prototype a small Twitter-like app (both frontend and backend). You probably came here via TechReady, where Jason Poon (@jpoon) and I gave a 75 minute talk on Ember, Node and Sophisticated Web Apps. Because this app is our demo, you'll find a few shortcuts - and things one might do differently in a real-world example.

Visit the deployed version at

Getting Started

To start the app, run npm install and then npm start.


  • client houses the Ember client's source code. If you want to play with the Ember app (and run commands like ember serve), do it in this directory.
  • server houses the server (surprising, huh?). It does not only take care of managing the tweets, but also serves the compiled client (located in client/dist). In order to recompile, run ember build in client.

JavaScript Stuff Ages Quickly

It's 2015 and JavaScript technology comes and goes quicker than pop songs. The client is using Ember Cli 1.13.1 and will probably not be updated until we give this talk again - so keep this in mind if you're checking this repo out.


Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation, licensed under The MIT License (MIT).