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##WinBridge: WinRT Controls & Features for Unity3D The WinBridge is a plugin for Unity3D that enables easier command of native controls and features of WinRT (the underlying library behind Windows Store, Windows Phone and Xbox One apps). Currently implemented:

  • Windows Store (In-App-Purchases, Trial Upgrade, Reciept management)
  • Native Message Dialogs
  • Native Video Playback


Copy the contents of the folder CopyContentsToUnityAssets into your Unity project.


Windows Store

This class manages full interaction with the Windows Store. To enable the functionality of all these methods during debug mode, please see the next point (Windows Store Proxy). Please note that most of these functions do result in an error if the app hasn't been published yet and debug settings aren't set properly.

####Purchasing full version of the app

WinBridge.PurchaseFullApp(WinControls.Store.PurchaseResultHandler handler)
  • handler: The method that is used as a callback.

####Checking if a valid license is present


####Getting full app informtion reciept

WinBridge.GetFullAppInfo(WinControls.Store.FullAppInfoHandler handler)
  • handler: The method that is used as a callback.

####Purchasing a product (In-App-Purchase)

WinBridge.PurchaseProduct(string productId, WinControls.Store.PurchaseResultHandler handler)
  • productId: The id of the product that is to be bought. Please note that this is only invoking the purchase UI - the user has to actually confirm the purchase.
  • handler: The method that is used as a callback. The passed PurchaseResult indicates whether or not the transaction was completed.

####Getting product information (name, price, description) (In-App-Purchase)

WinBridge.GetProductInfo(string productId, WinControls.Store.ProductInfoHandler handler)
  • productId: The id of the product.
  • handler: The method that is used as a callback.

####Requesting a review of the app

WinBridge.RequestReview(string label, string okLabel, string cancelLabel)
  • label: The label of the message box (default: "Would you like to rate and review this app?")
  • okLabel: The label of the OK button (default: "Rate and Review")
  • cancelLabel: The label of the cancel button (default: "Not now)

Windows Store Proxy

A Windows Store Proxy can be attached to any GameObject with Add Component - WinBridge - Windows Store Proxy. The inspector editor is fairly self-explanatory - for questions around the purpose of individual fields, please consult the official Windows Store documentation on MSDN .

If you know what you're doing, hate convenience and you feel like providing a full WindowsStoreProxy.xml straight to the plugin, call:

WinControls.Store.EnableDebugWindowsStoreProxy(string WindowsStoreProxyXML);

Message Box

The MessageBox can be added to any GameObject with Add Component - WinBridge - MessageBox. Simply make all your settings in the inspector window. To invoke the message box, call Show() on that component.

Play Fullscreen Video

WinBridge.VideoPlayback.PlayVideoFullscreen(string videoUrl, bool controlsEnabled, bool tapSkipsVideo)
  • videoUrl: The URL to the video as a string, including official qualifier (for instance ms-appx:/// for an asset inside the app package or http:// for a web resource). Note: If the video should ship with the app package, it is best placed inside the appx package using Visual Studio.
  • controlsEnabled (default: true): true enables the native video controls (scrubber, play/pause, etc.), false disables them.
  • tapSkipsVideo (default: false): true automatically removes the video element if the user taps/clicks it, false doesn't. If controlsEnabled is set to true and tapSkipsVideo is set to false, a tap/click will pause the video.

##License This repository is open-source and currently maintained by a small group of Microsoft developer evangelists. It should be noted that this plugin is provided as-is with no warranties given. Feel free to change code. It is released under the MS-LPL license. For details, please see the attached (MS-LPL) or