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Deploy to Azure io.js on Azure Websites

Want to use Azure Websites with the latest version of io.js? Simply include .deployment, deploy.cmd and iisnode.yml in your project. Done!

A tutorial can also be found on

Creating a io.js Website from Scratch

Option A (for quick testing and small apps)

  • Click the 'Deploy to Azure' button in the title of this readme to deploy this repository with an empty app.js. The 'Deploy to Azure' asisstant will automatically create a website for you and guide you through the process. Once created, you can then use Visual Studio Online or FTP to work on your application.

Option B (for deployment workflows)

The Deployment Script in Detail

  • .deployment instructs Azure to run deploy.cmd as the deployment command
  • deploy.cmd runs the usual Azure Websites deployment for Node Apps, but also downloads the latest version of io.js - saving it to D:\home\site\bin\iojs. Folders are created if necessary and older versions of io.js overwritten.
  • iisnode.yml finally tells Azure Websites to use the just downloaded iojs.exe as Node binary.
  • app.js is entirely optional and simply spits out the installed version of io.js. It's only included to "prove" that io.js is running, but you should most likely replace it with your own app.js/server.js.

Copyright and License

  • Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation
  • Released under the MIT License (MIT)
  • Please see for more information.