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A Terminal Emulator based on UWP and web technologies.
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Fluent Terminal

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A Terminal Emulator based on UWP and web technologies.


  • Terminal for PowerShell, CMD, WSL or custom shells
  • Built-in support for SSH and Mosh connections
  • Supports tabs and multiple windows
  • Theming and appearance configuration
  • Import/Export themes
  • Import iTerm themes
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Editable keybindings
  • Search function
  • Configure shell profiles to quickly switch between different shells
  • Explorer context menu integration (Installation script can be found here)


Terminal window Settings window


  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Simplified Chinese

Sign up to POEditor to help with existing translations or add a new language

Up Next

  • Launch shell profile with a custom defined keybinding
  • Copy & Paste options
  • Improved tabs
  • Split screen support

How to install (as an end-user)


  • You need to update to Fall Creators Update or later.

Chocolatey package manager installation

  • Install Chocolatey
  • From an elevated/admin shell, execute choco install fluent-terminal

Bundled install script

  • Download and extract the latest release.
  • If not already present, download Install.ps1 to the extracted directory.
  • Right-click on Install.ps1, and choose "Run with Powershell".
  • The installer script will walk you through the rest of the process.

Manual install

  • Download the latest release
  • Enable sideloading apps
    • Alternatively, enable developer mode if you plan to do UWP app development. For most users that do not intend to do UWP app development, developer mode will not be necessary.
  • Install the *.cer file into Local Machine -> Trusted Root Certification Authorities
    • This will require administrator elevation. If you installed the certificate and did not have to elevate, you likely installed it into an incorrect certificate store.

Right-Click then choose Install Certificate

Install Certificate into Local Machine

  • double click the *.appxbundle
  • Optional: Install Context menu integration from here

How to set up a development environment

Please refer to this Wiki page

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