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This is the formalization of my article on cartan geometry in modal hott. The basis was the formalization of my thesis. If you want to look at a state compatible with the latter or see other things that have been here earlier, you can check out the tag 'compatible_with_thesis'. Everything should check with Agda-


Differential cohesion in Homotopy Type Theory by an axiomatized coreduction modality. This doesn't really require a modal type theory in sense that the rules are different from book-hott, since the coreduction is a monadic modality.

The following is proved and could also be interpreted as theorems about general modalities:

  • The formal disk bundle over a group is trivial.
  • The formal disk bundle over a V-manifold is locally trivial.
  • All F - fiber bundles are associated to an Aut(F) principal bundle.

In place of groups, a more general structure called homogeneous type is used in the code. Here is more information on this project. Here (theorem 3.6, 1) and some part of 2) is a short account of the question this code solves. The classical, category theoretic, version of the theory together with a lot of opportunities to extend the formalized version is here.

State of the code

Notation is not as consequent and compatible with the rest of the HoTT-World as it should be. This code grew while I was learning homotopy type theory and agda. This is still witnessed by some stupid definitions for the basic stuff like equivalences and probably some agda-clumsyness. If you want to have a look at what has been formalized, the following files are probably the right places:

  • FormalDiskBundle.agda
  • Manifolds.agda
  • G-structure.agda
  • FiberBundle.agda
  • Im.agda

A Modality 'I' is defined in Im.agda in a way similar to the HoTT-Book, 7.7.5.


Differential cohesion in Homotopy Type Theory by an axiomatized infinitesimal shape modality






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