Windows toolkit for taking periodic screenshots and generate a time lapse video from them.
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Windows TimeLapse Toolkit

Windows toolkit for taking periodic screenshots and generate a time lapse video from them.

How to use

  • Download the latest release from
  • Unzip the folder wherever you want. Screenshots and timelapse videos will be saved inside this folder.
  • Double-click 'start-taking-screenshots'. Then press Ctrl+C when you want to finish taking screenshots.
  • Double-click 'create-timelapse-video'. The more screenshots you have, the longer it'll take to create it.
  • Optionally edit the 'config' file to suit your needs. The default configuration is:
    • Take a screenshot every 30 seconds.
    • Create the timelapse videos displaying 10 screenshots per second.
    • Use FFmpeg 'veryslow' preset to create videos with the smallest possible size.
    • Hide output messages from FFmpeg while creating the videos.
    • Use RBTray to allow minimizing the window to system tray.
  • That's it! You'll find your timelapses inside the 'videos' folder.

Third-party softwares used

Timelapse example on Youtube

Time lapse example

Setting it to start taking screenshots on Windows Logon

If you want it to start taking screenshots automatically as soon as you login to Windows, do the following:

Right-click 'start-taking-screenshots' and select 'Create Shortcut'. A shortcut will be created on the same folder. Then rename it to whatever you want (Suggestion: 'AutoScreenshoter'), and drag&drop it to Start Menu >> Programs >> Startup.

Another way to access the the startup folder is through Windows Explorer: Just type on the address bar: %AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup - Then paste the shortcut there.

Done. Next time you restart your computer, the screenshoter will be started automatically.
It's useful for those who want to keep a videolog of their actions on Windows along the day.

Note for Windows 10 users with High Definition Displays

If you're using Windows 10 DPI Scaling, you might have screenshots capturing only part of your screen.
If this happens to you, please, use Windows 10 DPI Fixer. You can set 125% DPI in this tool and still get 100% of the screen being captured by the screenshoter.


Some features for next releases:

  • Release packages for both Windows 32-bit and 64-bit (Currently there's only for 32-bit)
  • Include option to add soundtrack to the timelapse video (ffmpeg can do this)
  • Add config option to allow deleting the screenshot sessions folders after compiling the videos