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Here is a complete overview of all the machines made with the fabricatable machine making system so far.

Refined machines

These machines are recommended for reproduction

Hedy - small format CNC mill

Hedy 1

A small format (100x180mm) milling machine dedicated to milling circuit boards for rapid and easy fabrication of electronics! It was custom made as a trophy for Oslo Innovation Award 2018

Humphrey 1 - large format CNC mill

Humphrey1 A large format milling machine. This was first machine we made of equal size as the mother machine!

Humphrey 2 - large format CNC mill

Humphrey2 This Humphrey version is extra long, with a "bathtub" in the back for experimental milling.

Humphrey 3 - large format CNC mill

Humphrey3 This Humphrey was commissioned and assembled by the members of Makerspace in Brumunddal

Humphrey 4 - large format CNC mill

Humphrey4 This Humphrey was commissioned by Buene AS

Hattori 1 - small format CNC mill

Hattori1 Small format CNC mill, fast and furious

Hattori 2 - small format CNC mill

Hattori2 An extended version with a larger work are and all aluminum frame

Hattori 3 - small format 3D printer

Hattori3 This 3D printer version was custom made as a trophy for Oslo Innovation Award. All the axes and racks were milled from high quality black mdf. Super cheap and super fast to fabricate!

Hattori 4 - small format CNC mill

Hattori4 A beefed up version that can mill upside down and is suitable for educational environments

Hector - luggage based CNC platform

Hector in FAB14 in Toulouse France The fab Academy 2017 project of Jakob Nilsson. Can mill into objects much larger than itself

Experimental and retired machines

Good to study to learn what went wrong, or to help improve.

Hobo - large format CNC mill

Hobo on car A gantry based machine with inline skatewheels in v-groves. The wooden construction was a success, but the inline skatewheels where not rigid enough

Experimental machine by Fab Lab Digicsope

digiscope Multiple purpose machine by Fab Academy students at Fab Lab Digiscope

Hank - medium format CNC mill

Hank - medium format CNC mill A gantry based CNC milling machine where a substantial amount of the parts can be fabricated on a CNC mill

Award Plotter - CNC mill variation

award-cnc CNC mill experiment from extra parts left after award plotter trophy. Became very precise, could easily mill pcbs for small SMD components

Award Plotter - pen plotter

award pen A pen plotter custom made as a trophy for Oslo Innovation Award 2017. Was started on stage by the crown princess of Norway with a push of a g-code starting button on the machine.

TapeXY - laser cutter

tape xy A laser cut lasercutter with corexy fishing line drive system

V-bird - small format CNC mill

v-bird A milling machine hacked together at FAB12 China, from axes made during axes making workshop

Simple Gantry - laser cutter

laser A diode based laser cutter. First complete machine made with cnc friendly cycloid rack and pinion and plain bearings

Future machines

On the drawing board or in early fabrication state. Feel very welcome to help develop these machines! coming soon

Hemoglobe - plasma cutter

hemo A plasma cutter with a work area of 2000mm x 1000mm

Humphrito - medium format CNC mill


The baby version of humphrey. Parts are fabricated but not yet assembled and tested

Hulti - parallel processing 3D printer

hulti A multiheaded 3D printer currently in development by Frikk Fossdal

Hymir - mega format CNC mill and 3D printer

Hymir A modular system for mega scale fabrication. Currently in sketching phase

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