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fix broken test in 04.trace.t: POST converts \n to \r\n

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1 parent 09cc91c commit d569673963eb80e04e81e2398fa6877e8ecdc0ab @felliott committed Mar 7, 2012
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2 t/04.trace.t
@@ -328,7 +328,7 @@ TestApp->config->{"Plugin::ErrorCatcher"}{enable} = 1;
_has_value_for_key( 'BODY', 'long_text', 'kangarookangarookangarookangarookangaroo...[truncated]', $ec_msg);
_has_value_for_key('QUERY', 'fruit', 'bananabananabananabananabananabananabana...[truncated]', $ec_msg);
_has_value_for_key('QUERY', 'integer', 69, $ec_msg);
- _has_value_for_key('QUERY', 'evil', 'two\nlines', $ec_msg);
+ _has_value_for_key('QUERY', 'evil', 'two\r\nlines', $ec_msg);
# helper methods for RT-72781 testing

2 comments on commit d569673


I wonder if that should be '\r?' to not break it for existing/older versions.

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