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#! perl
# Copyright (C) 2009 The Perl Foundation
use 5.008;
use strict;
use warnings;
use Text::ParseWords;
use Getopt::Long;
use Cwd;
use lib "tools/lib";
use NQP::Configure qw(cmp_rev read_parrot_config
fill_template_file fill_template_text
slurp system_or_die verify_install sorry gen_parrot);
if (-r "config.default") {
unshift @ARGV, shellwords(slurp('config.default'));
my %config;
$config{'nqp_config_status'} = join(' ', map { "\"$_\""} @ARGV);
my $exe = $NQP::Configure::exe;
my %options;
GetOptions(\%options, 'help!', 'prefix=s',
'with-parrot=s', 'gen-parrot:s',
'make-install!', 'makefile-timing!',
# Print help if it's requested
if ($options{'help'}) {
# Deprecated --parrot-config option
if ($options{'parrot-config'}) {
sorry "The --parrot-config option has been removed.",
"Use --with-parrot to specify the parrot executable to use."
my $prefix = $options{'prefix'} || cwd().'/install';
my $with_parrot = $options{'with-parrot'};
my $gen_parrot = $options{'gen-parrot'};
# Save options in config.status
if (open(my $CONFIG_STATUS, '>', 'config.status')) {
"$^X $config{'nqp_config_status'} \$*\n";
my ($par_want) = split(' ', slurp('tools/build/PARROT_REVISION'));
if (defined $gen_parrot) {
$with_parrot = gen_parrot($par_want, %options, prefix => $prefix);
my @errors;
my %par_config;
if ($with_parrot) {
%par_config = read_parrot_config($with_parrot)
or push @errors, "Unable to read configuration from $with_parrot.";
else {
%par_config = read_parrot_config("$prefix/bin/parrot$exe", "parrot$exe")
or push @errors, "Unable to find parrot.";
$with_parrot = fill_template_text('@bindir@/parrot@exe@', %par_config);
%config = (%config, %par_config);
my $par_have = $config{'parrot::git_describe'} || '';
if ($par_have && cmp_rev($par_have, $par_want) < 0) {
push @errors, "Parrot revision $par_want required (currently $par_have).";
if (!@errors) {
push @errors, verify_install([@NQP::Configure::required_parrot_files],
push @errors,
"(Perhaps you need to 'make install', 'make install-dev',",
"or install the 'devel' package for Parrot?)"
if @errors;
if (@errors && !defined $gen_parrot) {
push @errors,
"\nTo automatically clone (git) and build a copy of Parrot $par_want,",
"try re-running with the '--gen-parrot' option.",
"Or, use '--with-parrot=' to explicitly specify the Parrot",
"executable to use to build NQP.";
sorry(@errors) if @errors;
print "Using $with_parrot (version $config{'parrot::git_describe'}).\n";
$config{'makefile-timing'} = $options{'makefile-timing'};
$config{'stagestats'} = '--stagestats' if $options{'makefile-timing'};
$config{'shell'} = 'sh';
if ($^O eq 'MSWin32') {
$config{'shell'} = 'cmd';
$config{'win32_libparrot_copy'} =
'copy $(PARROT_BIN_DIR)\libparrot.dll .';
my $make = fill_template_text('@make@', %config);
fill_template_file('tools/build/', 'Makefile', %config);
no warnings;
print "Cleaning up ...\n";
if (open my $CLEAN, '-|', "$make clean") {
my @slurp = <$CLEAN>;
if ($options{'make-install'}) {
system_or_die($make, 'install');
print "\nNQP has been built and installed.\n";
else {
print "You can now use '$make' to build NQP.\n";
print "After that, '$make test' will run some tests and\n";
print "'$make install' will install NQP.\n";
exit 0;
# Print some help text.
sub print_help {
print <<'END'; - NQP Configure
General Options:
--help Show this text
--prefix=dir Install files in dir
Parrot executable to use to build NQP
--gen-parrot Download and build a copy of Parrot to use
Options to pass to parrot configuration for --gen-parrot also reads options from 'config.default' in the current directory.
# Local Variables:
# mode: cperl
# cperl-indent-level: 4
# fill-column: 100
# End:
# vim: expandtab shiftwidth=4: