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This is the source code for the RubyConf Brasil Website. It is based on the excellent nanoc3 static site generator.


You need to have Ruby installed and the Bundler gem.

Then just run bundle to install the dependencies and bundle exec nanoc3 compile. This will generate the entire website in the 'output' directory.

You can now run bundle exec nanoc3 autocompile to run the Webrick web server and see the generated website opening a web browser pointing to http://localhost:3000

Now whenever you change a file in the /contents directory, Nanoc3 should recompile the static output.


If you're a speaker, fork this project and change your information. You can change your profile information at lib/speakers folder (find your file and edit it) and your talk details at content/talks folder.

For best results, add a squared 137x137 image at the images/avatars/[talk_id]/medium folder and a thumbnail 49x49 image at the images/avatars/[talk_id]/thumb folder. If you are going to present with a co-speaker, put his image at images/avatar_cospeakers folder.


The main page of the website has a list of short news items. You can create them running bundle exec rake create:article title='new article' lang='en' and it will create the article file in the correct 'content/whatsup' directory.

If you're posting more than 1 news article in the same day, you can use the 'order' parameter to add a manually incremental number, so the items are properly sorted.