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F1 API PHP Tests

F1 API Tests is a suite of tests for the Fellowship One API based on the PHPUnit framework. It is designed to enable rapid testing of all of the methods available for a given realm in a given environment. It traverses the entire realm, using response data to construct new requests. The HTTP Response Code and Response Body are evaluated for every method in the realm.

It may also be used as an example of how to consume any of the methods in our API.


F1 API PHPUnit Tests is free and open source software. See license details here.


Run Test Suite

In order to run a suite of tests on a given realm, do the following:

Rename settings.template.php to settings.php

Enter api key, secret, username and password for each environment in settings.php

Set the appropriate environment within the "setupBeforeClass" method.

Run "composer install" and "composer update".

To run the unit tests for any given realm, change into the tests directory:

$ cd f1api-php-tests/tests

Then run the tests based on the realm to be tested:

$ ../vendor/bin/phpunit --debug people
$ ../vendor/bin/phpunit --debug giving
$ ../vendor/bin/phpunit --debug groups
$ ../vendor/bin/phpunit --debug events

To only run a group of tests within a realm, use:

$ ../vendor/bin/phpunit --debug --group RecurrenceTypes events

PHPUnit supports the declaration of explicit dependencies between test methods. Such dependencies do not define the order in which the test methods are to be executed but if a method which is dependent on another method fails, the consequent tests will be skipped.

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