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Welcome to this challenging playground for those who love coding. Inspired by and SwiftAlgorithmsClassroom. Join the Fellowswift community to discuss these Challenges.

Periodically a programming challenge will be published in this repo as a pending issue. You should fork this repository and send a pull request as your solution to the issue. We will do peer-review by commenting others' solutions. We will learn and teach all together.

Please avoid the urge to read other's solutions before implementing yours. Try to solve the challenges in your own first and compare it with your collagues afterwards.

Please remember that you should not make any assumption in the challenges. Your solution should deal with negative numbers, decimals, wrong inputs, etc... unless it is indicated like that in the problem. In case of doubt please send a comment to the corresponding issue.

And please remember that this is a respectful area. Review and take the comments of your peers with respect.


· Challenge 0001: The 3n+1 problem
· Challenge 0002: Minesweeper

Challenges awards

Position Username Challenges solved
1 🇦🇹 @fabb 1 Challenge solved
2 🇪🇸 @raulmpad 1 Challenge solved
3 🇵🇹 @phelgo * 1 Challenge solved
4 🇪🇸 @dcordero * 1 Challenge solved

* Organisers, don’t trust their numbers, they are probably cheating \o/


Do you have a nice problem that you would like to propose for the challenge?
Do you have any doubt about the process?
Anything else you would like to share with us?

Please contact us, we are really looking forward your comments.


This is the list of sources from which we got the challenges: