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Feminist Phone Intervention



Setting up the phoneline

1) Create a Twilio account (free, up to a certain usage) here: https://www.twilio.com/

Creating a Twilio account

2) Create a Google App Engine application here (free, up to a certain usage): https://appengine.google.com

Creating an App Engine Application

3) Download the Google App Engine SDK for PHP here (free): https://developers.google.com/appengine/downloads

Downloading App Engine SDK

4) Download and unzip the Feminist Phone Intervention application here (free): https://github.com/feminista/feminist-phone-intervention/archive/master.zip

5) Open the Google App Engine Launcher downloaded in step #3. Import the Feminist Phone Intervention application by selecting the folder downloaded in step #4.

Importing an App Engine Application

6) Double-click on the imported application to open the Application Settings. Change the Application ID so that it matches the application ID created in step #2.

Renaming an App Engine Application

7) Deploy the Feminist Phone Intervention application onto Google App Engine. When prompted, enter your Google username and password.

Deploying an App Engine Application

8) Go to YOUR-APPLICATION-ID.appspot.com/call. If the application deployed successfully, you should see a page that looks like this:

Checking an App Engine Application

9) Configure your Twilio number from step #1 so that it points to your Google App Engine application.

Configuring a Twilio number

Customizing the Application

Changing the quotes used

Edit the quotes.json file and add your own quotes.

Activating Text Messages

On the Twilio configuration page, add the following URL to the Messaging section: YOUR-APPLICATION-ID.appspot.com/text

Swapping the automated robot voice with your own recordings

On the Twilio configuration page, replace /call with /recording in the URL. Make sure to add your recordings to the recordings/ folder, and make sure to update recordings.json

If you have questions, e-mail feminist.phone.intervention@gmail.com