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Moustachu is a(N im)plementation of Mustache (get it?). Mustache is "logic-less templating".


In code

import moustachu

var tmplate = """Hello {{name}}
You have just won {{value}} dollars!
Well, {{taxed_value}} dollars, after taxes.

var c : Context = newContext()
c["name"] = "Chris"
c["value"] = 10000
c["taxed_value"] = 10000 - (10000 * 0.4)
c["in_ca"] = true

echo render(tmplate, c)

For other mustache examples look at the specs directory. For other moustachu-specific examples see the tests folder.

For the formal description of the mustache format, please visit mustache(5). Ignore the sections on "lambdas" and "set delimeters".

Not mentioned in the formal description (but mentioned in the spec code), the spec also supports using a dot . as an "implicit iterator" for arrays containing unnamed items. For example, a sequence of strings or integers would use an implicit iterator:

import moustachu

var c : Context = newContext()
c["zoo_name"] = "Anytown"
c["animals"] = @["lions", "tigers", "bears"]

var tmplate = """Animals at the {{zoo_name}} Zoo:

* {{.}}

echo render(tmplate, c)

On the command line

$ moustachu <context>.json <template>.moustache
$ moustachu <context>.json <template>.moustache --file=<output>

The first version will print to stdout and the second will generate a file.


Moustachu supports the specs found in its specs directory:

  • comments
  • interpolation
  • inverted
  • partials
  • sections


The recommended way to install moustachu is through nimble:

Install nimble. Then do:

$ nimble install moustachu

This will install the latest tagged version of moustachu.

The moustachu package includes the moustachu binary to use on the command line and the moustachu library to use in your code.


  • Make the interfaces with the data structures as dynamic-like as possible
  • No lambdas, nor set delimiters. At least for now. Let's keep it simple please.


Get the source code:

$ git clone
$ cd moustachu
$ nim c -r runTests.nim

This will test against the selected specs copied from mustache/spec


  • Use to see what else to do/fix