An Android application to let you run PocketMine or Nukkit on your phone!
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An Android application which enables you to run Genisys or Nukkit on your phone!


Although some codes come from PocketMine-Android, most of them have been rewritten!


Genisys = Install App -> Press Install PHP -> Press Download & Install PHP7 -> Press Download Server, then press iTX-Genisys -> Check PocketMine at Server Type -> Press Start Server

Nukkit = Install App -> Rooting -> Put Nukkit.jar to /sdcard/Nukkit -> Check Nukkit at Server Type -> Install Java -> Press Download Server, then press anything -> Press Java Library(ROOT), if you use KingRoot, you check Use ku.sud to request root -> Start Server

About JRE

You can get "nukkit_library.tar.gz" from Here


You can download at the Google Play


GPLv3 (GNU Public License version 3)