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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Basic Message Queue with Redis
import os
import sys
from uuid import uuid4
sys.path.insert(0, os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(__file__))))
from pickle import loads, dumps
from redis import Redis
from flask import current_app
from flask import session, abort, jsonify
from app import app
# Connecting to Redis
redis = Redis()
# The Configuration
app.config['REDIS_QUEUE_KEY'] = 'my_queue'
class DelayedResult(object):
def __init__(self, key):
self.key = key
self._rv = None
def return_value(self):
if self._rv is None:
rv = redis.get(self.key)
if rv is not None:
self._rv = loads(rv)
return self._rv
def queuefunc(f):
def delay(*args, **kwargs):
qkey = current_app.config['REDIS_QUEUE_KEY']
key = '%s:result:%s' % (qkey, str(uuid4()))
s = dumps((f, key, args, kwargs))
redis.rpush(current_app.config['REDIS_QUEUE_KEY'], s)
return DelayedResult(key)
f.delay = delay
return f
def queue_daemon(app, rv_ttl=500):
while 1:
msg = redis.blpop(app.config['REDIS_QUEUE_KEY'])
func, key, args, kwargs = loads(msg[1])
rv = func(*args, **kwargs)
except Exception, e:
rv = e
if rv is not None:
redis.set(key, dumps(rv))
redis.expire(key, rv_ttl)
def add(a, b):
return a + b
def add_numbers():
a = request.args.get('a', type=int)
b = request.args.get('b', type=int)
if a is None or b is None:
rv = add.delay(a, b)
session['add_result_key'] = rv.key
return 'Waiting for result...'
def add_numbers_result():
key = session.get('add_result_key')
if key is None:
return jsonify(ready=False)
rv = DelayedResult(key)
if rv.return_value is None:
return jsonify(ready=False)
del session['add_result_key']
return jsonify(ready=True, result=rv.return_value)
if __name__ == "__main__":
ctx = app.test_request_context()
rv = add.delay(1, 2)
import threading
daemon = threading.Thread(target=queue_daemon, args=(app,))
while True:
rt = rv.return_value
if rt is None:
print rt
print rv.key